I am the founder of The Styling Bank which is an online resource of materials and information, a community-based hire facility of modern everyday costume basics, simplifying the sourcing of wardrobe for shoots in a convenient but more sustainable way. The Styling Bank aims to help tackle the environmental problems caused by the reliance on new fast fashion purchases, the number of returns and reduce post-shoot waste. We want to help address the need for modern wardrobe hire by re-cycling post-shoot stock and making it available for re-hire on other shoots. The added bonus of re-using clothes is that the items are not brand new, and have a used worn in look. The selection of stock on The Styling Bank will continually evolve but will always be based upon post-shoot waste and not new purchases. The Styling Bank also provides useful resources and a directory of information for sustainable suppliers.

Bafta Albert & Ad Green

I have taken training courses from Albert & Ad Green in Sustainable production which provides knowledge and skills to create productions in a more sustainable way

for more information visit https://wearealbert.org/


Environmental Mission Statement

The future of the beautiful planet that we call home has never been more endangered from plastic, pollution and waste. The moving image and stills industry in which we work, plays a big part in contributing to this problem.

 I am working to be as sustainable and environmentally responsible as I can while still delivering and meeting clients expectations.

Wherever possible

 I will hire, use pre-worn or recycled clothing and will re-use clothing left over from previous shoots to cut down on waste and new purchases via The Styling Bank

I will use eco-friendly brands and suppliers that are sustainable.

I will re-home or donate leftover stock from shoots to charities or companies that can re-use them.

I will hire props whenever possible to cut down on new purchases

I will endeavour to hire and encourage set and props makers who use recyclable materials

Discuss with production prior to the shoot what the reuse/waste plan is for any makes, purchased items and set pieces – including any transport/rehoming/disposal costs

Consider how prop choices could influence sustainable behaviours, from cast using reusable coffee cups to compost caddies appearing in kitchens 

I use a renewable green energy supplier.

I will avoid single use plastic, using reusable bags and materials instead

Transport is one of the hardest things for me to make greener, as it is often out of my control, but I will use electric powered vehicles whenever possible and travel by public transport if there is not much equipment to courier.

I will contribute a percentage of budget to mossy earth who plant native trees to offset carbon emissions

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